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報告題目:The Effect of Corporate Taxation on Loss Provisioning of Property-Casualty Insurers: Evidence from the Adoption of SSAP 101


報告人:Cheng Jiang(Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

報告時間:2019年9月7日 10:00



How does a financial accounting standard for tax accruals affect loss provisioning of PC insurers?Loss reserves, which accounted for approximately 57% of the total liabilities of PC insurers in 2012, are the largest liability in a typical property-casualty (PC) insurer’s book and are tax deductible.Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles No. 101 (SSAP 101), Income Taxes, became effective in January 2012. We predict that SSAP 101 will decrease insurers’ loss reserves by reducing their tax incentives in overstating loss reserves.


Prof. Cheng is an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance and Insurance, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He obtained his doctoral degree from Temple University with a major in Risk Management and Insurance (2008). Prior to joining Lingnan, he has worked for Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. He has held a visiting position at Indiana State University, Temple University and National Taiwan University. He is currently the research fellow at Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University and the Risk and Insurance Research Center at National Chengchi University. Prof. Cheng's research focuses on empirical studies of insurance, corporate finance and accounting. He publishes frequently in top insurance and finance top journals such as Journal of Risk and Insurance and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, among others.



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