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報告題目:Recent advancements on sharing economy in the tourism industry and behaviour biases affecting risky choices in strategic environment


報告人:Dr. Giovanna Lo Nigro(Palermo University)

報告時間:2019年9月12日 11:00



This seminar consists of two parts. The first part examines how the emergence of sharing economy platforms influences incumbents' price responses. The second part considers risky choices in strategic environments. In this study, we experimentally test a theoretical model under fundamental uncertainty and competitive rivalry by designing a sequential interaction game between two players. Given our experimental results, the theoretical model needs to be revisited. The standard model of monetary payoff-maximizing agents should be substituted by one of decision makers who maximize a utility function which includes the psychological cost induced by strategic uncertainty.


Dr. Giovanna Lo Nigro is a professor of Department of Engineering at the Palermo University.Her research and teaching interests include Sharing economy and Risky choices. She has published many research articles in leading academic journals in the fields of management science, and decision economics. She is the member of theEditorial Board of the journal International Journal of Production Economics and the member of the 2019 AiIG summer school organizing committee. she is currently the expert evaluator for the accreditation of new and periodic degree’s programmes accreditation in the field of Industrial Engineering.



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