– One of the best transaction-mixing services was invented to anonymize transactions in the blockchain, which records the full history of all bitcoin transactions ever made. The mixer mixes coins and breaks them into different amounts and addresses before returning them to a new wallet that is not associated with the original user.

What is bitcoin mixer?

A bitcoin mixer is a website or application that accepts coins and mixes them with many other coins. Bitcoin mixers have been successfully used for several years in a row and are effective in hiding the tracks. But recently they are being fought with so that they are not used for implementing money laundering schemes.

  • The principle of operation is simple – the website accepts crypto currency, then uses algorithms for mixing, and sends bitcoins to different purses. Since the transactions are mixed, such service was named a mixer.
  • Once the mixing has been completed, the coins will be sent back, minus the service charge. This fee, as a rule, depends on several factors, including the number of mixes, as well as the number of coins sent.
  • If the mixing was successful, then the coins cannot be traced to you.

Such services are not necessarily used for illegal purposes. Sometimes you need to hide your transactions and possession of crypto currency from extortionists to protect yourself, and so on.

Coins mixed with are broken into small random sums and carried through various mixing algorithms. Thanks to this, not only anonymity is produced, but also the history of the movement of coins is formed, which is practically impossible to track. The processed coins come from different addresses in different sums.