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The Joint Enterprise University Learning (JEUL)


There are growing difficulties faced by Chinese and Vietnamese university graduates in landing the first job because what they learn at universities does not match the market’s need in a rapidly changing economy. The highly competitive job market and growing unemployment pressure have triggered university students’ interest in seeking creativity and entrepreneurship education. In order to meet the students’ needs in dynamic market conditions universities from China and Vietnam look up to European partners for good practices.


The Joint Enterprise University Learning (JEUL) Project is created as a consortium of universities in Europe, China, and Vietnam. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and lasts for three years starting from 2017. The main objective of this project is to establish and develop lasting cooperation among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and private sectors, to influence the way universities work, and enable them to learn from the companies by case studies. This project would benefit stakeholders such as HEIs, private enterprises, students, the European Commission and other policy makers at national and regional levels, and other international organizations.


Based on the existing framework of educational entrepreneurship in China and Vietnam, all participating universities work together to develop a joint university-private sector model so as to respond adequately to the demands from the job markets. JEUL project will introduce innovative elements, which will have a positive impact and a spill-over effect on other relevant stakeholders in partner countries (China and Vietnam).

During the three-year project, JEUL partners will introduce case studies methodology focused on firms and economic environment in China and Vietnam. Practice-oriented teaching methodology would be strengthened. Concrete cooperation should be fostered among universities in China and Vietnam and among European universities in Asia and Europe. A 2-module enterprise pathway will be established as an optional subject by renewing course design in partner universities.

All Joint Enterprise University Learning project results will be disseminated to ensure the highest visibility possible to activities and outputs. Internally within the participating organizations, results will be shared with all staff members, boards, trainers. Externally, all project results will be disseminated and transferred to the most relevant target groups. Direct contact, on line tools and specialized publication will be the main means of dissemination of Joint Enterprise University Learning results.


A total number of 4630 people will benefit from this project, including 1500 target groups who will participate in survey, 90 enterprises to be trained during the test and validation phase, 1000 stakeholders reached via the dissemination events in 6 countries, 2000 unique visits to the Joint Enterprise University Learning Platform, at least 20 policy makers at regional and national levels (at least 10 per partner country), and at least 20 EU or International stakeholders.









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